How to Bachata Dance in Time with the Guitar

Learn how to dance bachata in time with the guitar from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Edwin: Guitar timing in bachata, so the guitar is the dominant instrument in the bachata, and it is also called the requinto. The sound of it is going to go... You're going to notice that the steps are going to be more stacked up and a little bit faster. Let's demonstrate that slow first. Five, six, seven and one and two and three, tap, five and six and seven, tap... Step, step, step, break. Step and step and step, break. Step and step and step, break. Step and step and step.

So to break it down, first you need to make sure that you feel light on your feet. Make sure that you don't plant your heels. Don't make yourself extra heavy and all you're doing is kind of like tiptoeing to the side so we're going to go, step, step, step, break. Step, step, step, break. Very important that we switch sides on the break, so that we can go to the other way. Tap step, step, step, switch step, step, step and switch.

Daniela: And for ladies, we can always remember we have our hips, move them, so when you're doing this step your buttocks are moving out. So step, step, step, tap. Step, step, step, tap. You can also use your hands, place it on your waist or coming off. Once again, feel sexy.

Edwin: And gentlemen, you can also use your hands to maybe follow the ladies or roll your hands in front or shoulders. Feel free to explore different things that you can do with your upper body, so that you don't feel stiff on the top. And that is your guitar timing. Let's try it with the music.

What we're listening is for... And five, six, seven and make sure you're switching direction, so you're going this way to the left tap, and switch, and that is your guitar timing in bachata.

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