How to Interpret Bachata Music Intros & Breaks

Learn how to interpret bachata music intros and breaks from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


So this is bachata intros and breaks. A lot of songs are going to start off with a rhythm that might not be bachata, but you know that later on it turns into bachata, so a lot of the times we don't know what to do during this time. Sometimes we wait, sometimes we just sit down until the bachata starts or sometimes we just look at our partner like, what are we going to do? So we're going to teach you some steps that you can do that are very simple.

This one is a swing tap. So all you are doing is swinging your body left and right. We're going to start by going swing tap, swing tap, swing tap, swing and tap. So if I'm dancing with my partner, and the music starts. There's a lot of music that starts with maybe do-wop intro or a smooth melody. So all we're doing is kind of like, feeding off of the music energy. We're thinking swing tap, swing tap. Oh, I know this song. You're just biding out with each other, and then music starts and you think, boom back into bachata, tap, ba ba ba, tap, one, two, three, tap and stop it right here.

So you're also going to hear music that in between the beginning and the end you're going to have a lot of different breaks and sections, so during that time you can also feel free to listen to the music. If it repeats again, you can slow down again in the middle of the track, and when you hear the bachata beat or the break start to kick in, we drop and go back into our basic. Now with that in mind you're going to see a lot of places where the bongo does a little flam, where it's called the bongo jab. It goes clack clack and those are the moments when we know the music section's changed. For example, we can go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and one, two, three, four, five, six, clack clack. So then we're ready to start the section.

So we're going to play a song, so you can try to listen to the different breaks, and we're going to demonstrate them with our partner. So listen to the break and now you hear that the music is different. Now we have the guitar has a different melody, and then you have the bongo jab, which is the flam. It plays twice, so you can drop twice and you can also think of just stamping on the ground when you're switching section. Make sure you really feel that you're really connected to your partner, so she can do those things with you as well. Always, gentlemen, make sure you're listening to the music. Ladies, try your best to follow the gentlemen. Gentlemen, if you hear the breaks, make sure you demonstrate it in enough time so, that she can follow you and you're not doing them by yourself. Listen to the music and learn those breaks and that is bachata breaks and intros.

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