How to Do Beginner Footwork in Bachata Dance

Learn how to do beginner footwork in bachata dance from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Edwin: So now we're going to talk about beginner steps. This is a very short pattern. You are going to start to the left on one, two, three, tap, five, six, seven. Then you're going to go outside and middle, top, outside and middle, top, outside and middle, top. Outside and forward, for one,two, three and slide six.

And basic and one, two, three. Half to the right, half to the left, and five, six, seven. Now let's break it down. This pattern is going to start with the basics, so lets do the basic first, five, six, seven and one, two, three tap, five, six, seven break from here. We're going to push the weight to the outside, open step, middle break. Then we're going to do it on the other side. Open step, middle break. Gentleman, notice how my shoulders are rolling as I go out. Open,step.

Daniela: And ladies don't forget your hips. They're going out and tap.

Edwin: And gentlemen, make sure that you use the same distance that you're going to the left, also to the right. Now the next part is going to go forward, you're going to lead with your left leg in front. Five, six, seven and one, two, tap behind and slide. Lets try that again. And one, two, tap behind and slide.

So make sure you're dragging out your foot as much as you can, up to the last number and then we go to the left. So now we're going to do the last part. And one, two, three, tap. Here you want to have your foot in front of you, because your going to lead yourself forward into a twist. So you're going to go, twist to the right, tap and same thing, twist to the left, tap and basic to the right.

Now lets put it together a little bit faster and then with music, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, tap, five, six, seven, tap. Outside stomp, middle, outside stomp, middle, outside and outside, now forward and one, two, tap behind and slide. And basic step, twist to the right, twist to the left and five, six, seven, eight. Make sure your confident and secure. Now let's try it with music.

Daniela: Ladies remember your hips, also you can style.

Edwin: And gentlemen, shoulders. And feel secure, nice and strong.

Daniela: Same thing here. You can slide back with the arms and basic.

Edwin: Twist.

Daniela: Twist, booty out.

Edwin: And five, six and seven. Gentlemen, don't be afraid to move your hips on the twist. The ladies do it, it's okay for us to do it as well and that is your simple bachata pattern.

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