How to Do Intermediate Bachata Footwork with a Partner

Learn how to do intermediate footwork with a partner in bachata dance from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Edwin: This is an intermediate pattern in bachata. We're going to start by first getting into the back-to-back walk. We're going to go one, two, three push, five, six, seven and walk behind each other, so you're interacting with each other. One, two, three and we open up on this side. For the ladies slow turn, on five-six and seven. And gentlemen, fast turn, five-six-seven-tap.

Let's break it down. So this pattern is all about interaction. You have to make sure you feel comfortable with your partner. Smile, you're looking at each other. It's kind of like you're vibing off of each other and the music. We're going to start by just pushing the partners off. One, two, three, you stay connected with both hands. My right hand gentlemen, comes above and my left hand below, and you're going to get the ladies into something called a hammer lock. She's going to go across and her arm is going to lock behind her, like this. From here...

Daniela: Ladies, you keep doing your bachata timing, so notice that my right leg is on my top, and my left leg is standing.

Edwin: And gentlemen, make sure that you do not switch your feet at all. Here gentlemen, my hand stays up, because I'm going to go right under this arm and then bring the other one up, as this one goes down. So watch this, you're going to switch ba-ba-ba and now, both of my arms are down. This is where the interaction happens.

Now you're going to pull the ladies from this arm slightly and guide them to the other side for one, walk over here. Tap and one, walk over here, tap. On this side gentlemen, you're going to let go of your left hand. Stay holding on to the right and just give her a slight pull that turns her into a half twist to face you again. Now the ladies do their slow turn.

Daniela: This turn we're going to do it on two counts, so we're going to go around, facing the back wall, and then back around facing your partner.

Edwin: And gentlemen, your turn is going to be a little faster. You're going to go one, two, three and switch behind the back, tap. And gentlemen, if you need help with the switch behind the back, make sure to check out the videos about your turns. Now let's try it a little bit faster.

Five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, tap. Five, six, seven tap. And one, two, three, hey. Five, six, seven, hey. One, two, three and pull, six, seven, eight.

Daniela: Ladies.

Edwin: Two, three, tap. Five, six, seven, tap. One, two, three, tap. And five, six, seven, tap. So the first thing to notice before the music is make sure that you're interacting with each other. Very important, even if you don't smile, at least you're looking at each other. You're kind of vibing off with each other, we're just nodding around. Make sure, gentlemen, before you pull the ladies in, look to see that it's safe. Because this is a very tricky move and you want to make sure that the ladies are safe on the other side. All right, let's demonstrate with music. One more time, from this side and that is your intermediate bachata pattern.

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