What Should You Wear to Dance Bachata?

Learn what to wear to dance bachata from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Daniela: So ladies, what to wear when dancing bachata? We can wear jeans. We can wear shorts. We can wear skirts and dresses. Just make sure your skirt is not too short, that if you move your hips too much it might rise up, and then people might see things that you don't want to be showing in public like that. Also your dress, make sure it's not flowing, because the same thing, if you make a turn then your dress goes up, and then everyone is going to end up seeing you. It's very important to also wear shorts if you want to. If you do have a flowing dress that you want to wear, if you wear shorts, that's completely fine.

Edwin: And gentlemen, for us it's very casual. You know it depends on why your dancing. If it's just to get better at dancing, you might want to bring a little towel or maybe a change of shirt, a change of clothes. It gets very steamy in a lot of parties in clubs, so you want to be prepared. Gentlemen, I would always carry deodorant or something that you can refresh yourself with. Jeans, if its summertime, maybe shorts. I would stay away from pants that are too tight, gentlemen.

Especially if you are looking to do big steps, because they will not let you breathe, so make sure that you have a nice relaxed fit or slim fit, but not tight jeans. You also want to make sure that your shirts are not too colorful, because the sweat shows, when its very colorful. Bright colors means the sweat is going to show instantly. So unless you have a change of clothes, I would stay away from the bright colors. So always be prepared and just bring some extra shirts and deodorant.

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