What Are the Best Shoes to Wear to Dance Bachata?

Learn what kind of shoes to wear to dance bachata from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Daniela: So ladies, we want to find the perfect shoe for us to dance. We want them to be comfortable, flexible. We are four hours or more, dancing per night. So the shoes that I wear are Burju shoes. You can get them through burju.com or from Maria Palmieri on joelsalsa.com. You can also find different types of shoes that are maybe less expensive like from Capezio or World Tone, and for the gentlemen.

Edwin: Gentlemen, for us there's not a lot of choices out there, in terms of brands. But I would say stick to comfortable shoes. You know try to stay away from boots, anything that makes you feel heavy. I usually wear low-top sneakers or tennis sneakers, anything very low-top. And I would say the best thing is actually, like just work shoes or shoes that are formal or semi-casual or semi-formal, anything that's low.

Make sure that they're durable gentlemen. Make sure that if they have laces, make sure that they're not bulky. And just be conscious that when you are dancing with the girls, if you step on them and you have boots, she may never dance with you again. So make sure that whatever you wear you feel good in, and also doesn't feel too bulky when you are dancing.

Daniela: Ladies, you also have to think about what kind of heel would you like. There is thick heels, thin heels, stiletto heels, four-inch heels, three. You know you have to find the best one that's for you. You have different types of materials, leather or suede or satin, so you really have to try it and really dance on it, and figure out what works best.

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