How to Put Together a Bachata Dance Routine

Learn how to put together a bachata dance routine from Latin Dance company Joel Salsa in this Howcast dance video.


Edwin: How to put together a bachata dance routine? The first thing is the music. You have to find music that's meaningful to you. That has a message you want to convey. Listen to the speed of the music. Listen to every instrument in there, until you identify yourself with one that you want to choreograph for. Make sure you listen to the bongo. Make sure you listen to the guitar. Make sure you listen to the bass and also the voice, the vocal timing.

If you don't know Spanish, maybe you take some time to actually read the lyrics out in English, and have someone translate it for you, so that your dance looks like it's coming from you, knowing and understanding the music, rather than just picking moves and putting them in there. And once you pretty much tackle the music, then it's just understanding you know, what this routine is for, and that's pretty much all behind putting the routine together and then it's just pretty much preforming.

Daniela: Also, another thing you want to think about is if you're going to do it for a group or only a couple or for professional dancers, for beginners, what if you have a mixed group? You want to think about different transitions. Maybe to have a group doing advanced work and then they leave out of the stage and then beginners come in or you know play around with it. Have them move around transition, things like that.

Edwin: As professionals our main goal is to tell a story, paint pictures and also make it as entertaining to the crowd that you want them to feel that they can jump in, and want to learn your choreography and that's it.

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