How to Bachata with Edwin Ferreras & Daniela Grosso

Learn about Edwin Ferreras and Daniela Grosso, two of Howcast's bachata experts, in this video.


Daniela: Hi, my name is Daniela Grosso and my number one passion is bachata. I have been dancing bachata for about two years now and I enjoy every moment of it. I teach in congresses and festivals with Edwin my partner, who I love teaching with. It's so much fun. The feedback that we get from different students, that motivates us so much. The inspiring words that they say, for us to keep doing what we're doing. It makes us so much better and confident for our next classes and the next workshops that we may have.

Edwin: And I'm Edwin. I'm her dance partner. I love dancing with Daniela. My number one passion is dance and I've been dancing from a very early age, hip hop and salsa, and then bachata. So I grew up in the Dominican Republic, in bachata hometown and coming here to the United States, and seeing what bachata has become, I just knew I had to be a part of it.

It's amazing what's happening, so many people are learning about it. It's so passionate, and meeting Daniela was actually one of the biggest breaks for me. Because together, we've been able to pretty much travel around the U.S., teaching bachata. A lot of people ask us very personal questions, because they see the connection that we have dancing and they either want to emulate that connection that we have or they want to be able to dance like us.

And it's hard for us to convey to people that it's not easy. You have to develop a connection, not just through dance, but sometimes more personal like a friendship or partnership. Performing and teaching with Daniela is like being able to extend what I learnt from bachata, through listening to it from birth and learning how to dance, and having that counterpart there to teach the ladies how to do their thing.

Daniela: So if you would like to know more about us, you can find us on, And if you would like to take our classes, you can find us at All the scheduling will be there.

Edwin: And I hope you guys support bachata and I guess, keep following us, keep learning as much as you want, and keep the passion for bachata alive.

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