How to Set Up Guitar Pedals

Learn how to set up guitar pedals from Broadway musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video.


Pedals, 99%of them have 9-volt batteries inside them. I tend to-- I've blown off batteries in my career. I just never remember to bring them. They always die. I have to run to a drugstore to pick up extra ones. I'm kind of done with living that way, so what I always do is I bring this little daisy chain. There's one called the 1 Spot. There's a few brands that make them, basically a wall wart plug with a big long daisy chain, with probably about 8 or 10 little 9-volt inputs.

Some of them have an 18-volt and some are odd, but for the most part-- and you can buy extensions with different ones but for the most part this will cover most pedals. So you just plug that into the wall, hook up all your pedals for the daisy chain and you should be good to go, so you don't even have to have the batteries inside the pedal, if you have this on you. Another thing to make sure that you bring with you are a good set of cables. These cables are very standard.

They're actually made by Bose. This one is a George L cable, without the caps on it. The George L's are great, because they're really high quality cables. You can customize the length and you can splice them with a box cutter and make your own lengths, and that's really good, especially if you're making a pedal board. But aside from that, just any old standard short, little, right angle cables will be great, because you can hook up all of your pedals, and you don't have to worry about signal loss through 10 or 12 feet of cable, and it also can fit really nicely on a pedal board and consolidate space.

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