How to Create a Modeling Delay Effect using Guitar Pedals

Learn how to create a modeling delay effect using guitar pedals from Broadway musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video.


There's also a different kind of delay called modeling delay. One pedal that comes to mind is the Line 6, which is a company that makes pedals that emulate other classic pedals, such as delay. So there is one that is made by Line 6 and what it does is, it is a digital pedal but it has all sorts of bells and whistles.

You can run it stereo, so that you can run it into two amps. It also has a tap tempo feature, so if you're playing a song you can tap out the delay that you want, rather than have it preset for the amount of milliseconds or the speed of the delay. You can do slap back delays, ping pong effects, ping pong stereo effects. So that's a different kind of delay as well, which is digital, but it tries to emulate the analog sounds and also gives you a lot of different sampling options, too.

There are also loop features built in, which is similar to a looping pedal. One that comes to mind is the Boomerang, which is one I believe they still make. That's strictly a loop pedal. That's not a delay pedal, but a lot of looping functions are built into these modeling digital delay pedals. So that's just another option to give you many different kinds of sounds and variations of different delays.

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