How to Understand Wah Pedal Settings

Learn about wah pedal settings from Broadway musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video about guitar pedal effects.


So as far as the settings on the wah-wah pedal, there really are none. It's very simple. The pedal is up and down, low to high intensity. The switch is actually underneath the foot of the pedal here, and to get it to engage, you have to press it down all the way. You can't help but hear it go on and off. That's really all there is to it.

Some wah-wah pedals have an LED light on the side, so you can see when it's on or off, but you can't help but hear when it's on or off. As far as where to put the wah-wah pedal, experiment. But to me it sounds great when it's the first thing in the chain, because you're getting the true guitar signal, and then you distort that signal with distortion pedals that come after that, but experiment and see what you like.

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