How to Create a Hendrix Sound with a Wah Pedal

Learn how to create a Hendrix sound with a wah pedal from Broadway musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video about guitar pedal effects.


Three of the effects that Jimi Hendrix used quite frequently were wah-wah, fuzz, and vibrato or univibe. All three of those effects in conjunction with each other simultaneously, and also at different times, he used one or the other. When you use wah-wah along with the univibe sound and distortion, you really get close to that Hendrix sound.

I don't have my Strat, I have a Telecaster, so I don't sound anything like Hendrix. Nobody does, but we're here to talk about pedals and this is kind of a Hendrixy sound. What I'm using here is I'm using the Fulltone Deja vibe, I have the intensity all the way up. I have it on the vintage setting. The vibrato setting, I'm using my amp distortion. Right now, the wah-wah is off. But here's the sound, now I'm going to add the wah-wah.

So there you have it. Really, it doesn't sound anything like Hendrix, as far as the style of playing and I'm not using a Strat, but those are three effects that Jimi Hendrix liked to use. They're not the exact same pedals, they're not the exact same effects. I'm not using the exact same guitar, but you can get close to some of the sounds that he created, using the wah-wah, the deja vibe, and some amp distortion, you can get some very, very cool sounds.

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