What Are Overdrive Guitar Pedal Settings?

Learn about overdrive pedal settings from Broadway musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video about guitar pedal effects.


So I'll start with the settings on this OCD pedal, very simple. Volume and drive and tone, self-explanatory. The drive is the amount of drive signal that you're sending to the amp. The volume is the effect level and the tone it varies from pedal to pedal. In my experience, towards the AM is a darker tone. You turn it up towards the PM, it's a brighter tone. I like mine in the middle, because I like to use tone control on the amp or my guitar. I don't like the pedal to determine that.

Here on the TS-9 Pedal, same settings as you can see. These are two very different kinds of pedals. For me personally, they're two of my favorites. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of overdrive pedals, with a million different kinds of settings, a million different kinds of knobs, simple, complicated. Go into a store, go into anywhere, try your friend's demos song, find the ones you like. It's really great to have a lot of variation in tone. I have a lot of overdrive pedals, but these are the two that I always bring along.

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