How to Create a Stevie Ray Vaughn Sound with a Guitar Pedal

Learn how to create a Stevie Ray Vaughn sound with an overdrive pedal from musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video about guitar pedal effects.


A lot of blues players use the TS-808 Pedal or an overdrive similar to achieve a really great blues sound. Stevie Ray Vaughan I know used one. He used one with a Strat and different amps, so we're not getting the exact sound, but you can hear in that example of how it sounds like a cranked amp, and Albert King, same thing.

A lot of great blues players used the TS-808, TS-9 Pedal and that's why it's so great, because for blues you get that really transparent, warm, cranked amp with that narrow mid-range sound that has that bite to it and it really reacts great with the pickup settings on a Telecaster or Strat.

Just now I was playing the lick. I started out with the neck pickup, which is that very warm sound, and then I switched to the bridge. Different sounds, different guitars, but the Tube Screamer's such a great pedal, as is the OCD and other overdrives similar to it, because it reacts musically to the way that you're playing.

It reacts really great to the pickup settings. It reacts really great for blues for that reason, because in blues music, on a Strat, or a Tele for example, those kinds of settings really react. The Tube Screamer reacts really great with those kinds of settings. What I did for that setting was, I did the crank the drive.

It's going to depend on your amp. How loud your amp is, where your drive settings are on your amp, so I cranked the drive a little on this and I have the level pretty high. Again, the tone is somewhere in the middle and that's what got me that pretty saturated, but really great transparent sounding, blues Tube Screamer sound that is very popular with this pedal.

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