Tremolo Guitar Pedal vs. Vibrato Pedal vs. Univibe Pedal

Learn the uses of the tremolo pedal vs. the vibrato pedal vs. the univibe pedal from musician Michael Aarons in this Howcast video about guitar pedals.


So what I just demonstrated was kind of a genre specific representation of some music that maybe Jimi Hendrix might have played in the '60's, a lot of psychedelic music. And the effect that a lot of the muse was vibrato as opposed to tremolo, vibrato is altering the pitch rather than the volume. Without getting too technical there's a million variations of what that means, but to the ear what it means is that you're getting a pitch shift.

But really what this pedal is it's called the Deja Vibe by Fulltone. It emulates the classic UniVibe effect, which is what Jimi Hendrix used along with his Marshall amps and his fuzz pedals and other various effects. The UniVibe was one of the early pre-chorus effect pedals that really gave you a kind of a pitch shift effect. And this pedal is one of the first ones that I ever heard that really sounded like the UniVibe. The settings that we have here, obviously on and off. Speed, which is the rate of how fast the wave form is.

Intensity, for this effect I feel like it's such a profound effect that I like to hear it, so I keep the intensity pretty high. It's not a subtle effect, so for me, I usually keep that at a maximum. Volume, self-explanatory volume with the effect. And then you have these little parameters here, modern versus vintage, vibrato versus chorus. I don't really hear much of a difference between the modern and the vintage. The vibrato and chorus really does-- to me the vibrato one enhances the pitch more. Chorus smooths it out a little bit.

Tons of different settings in between. The spectrum is pretty wide on this pedal. It's very effective. It's very great. I don't use it all the time, but when I do I'm definitely going for something specific. So it's not a staple of the pedals that I like to use, but it is definitely when I do use it, it is extremely useful.

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