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How to Do a Lightning Bolt Nail Art Design with Tape

Learn how to do a lightning bolt nail design with tape from Megan Toth in this Howcast nail art tutorial.


So another easy tape design to do at home is the lightning bolt french tip, which I really love and again, going with some 80's glam look. Like I said before tape is an easy way to do nail art for people who aren't very confident with their painting skills or aren't very good at using their non-dominant hand. But doing a french tip is also a great way to fix a mani that's old. So if your mani is chipping, if it's a week or so old and you don't want to repaint the whole thing, you can slap some tape on your nail and paint a cool fun design on the tip and off you go.

To do this one we're going to want to cut it kind of at a diagonal like this. I mean keep in mind the width of your nail when you're cutting this. You don't want to make a huge lightning bolt and then it doesn't fit. That makes no sense. So we're going to cut it a bit of a diagonal here. Just a little one, because we're just doing the tip. Okay, so you have kind of like a little side-- I don't know triangle like that I guess, we'll call it a triangle. Then you take your scissors right at the crease right here. Go ahead and just cut all the way over, all right? So then your tape looks like that.

Okay, so then you're going to lay it on your fingernail, just like so. Remember to push all the way down, all the way to the edge, push really hard. Make sure it is sticking completely to your nail. You don't want any tape getting under that. Okay, then go ahead and just put this all on every nail. And again, if you don't like where it's sitting, just redo it. The joys of tape. This is a super punk look that I like to use when I'm feeling especially bad ass when I wake up in the morning. Now take your paint, just go ahead and cover it. Be sure you get right up into the paint and on the table.

All right, then once you have all the paint on your fingers, just go ahead and pull these off. And I like to pull them, well you should pull them this way because it you pull them the other way, then the triangle tip is at the top, it won't come off properly. It'll just mess everything up, so go with the grain. Wah-la, just put a top coat on there and you're good to go. A nice, simple design and also an easy way to fix a chipped mani.

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