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How to Do a Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Learn how to do a polka dot nail design from Megan Toth in this Howcast nail art tutorial.


I call this mani the Polka Dot Fade. It is kind of a twist on a French manicure involving dots. I start with peach base color and then I'm just going to add different size dots, going from bigger to smaller, from the tip until about like, the middle of the nail. And you're going to need some dotting tools for this. So you can find these at craft stores, I get mine online. You can get them really cheap on Amazon and places like that.

But most of these kits comes with a dotting tool that has two different sizes on each end, and then a bunch of different sizes. So I'm going to start with the thickest size that I have and I'm going to dip it in some orange paint. Using a dotting tool, again if you're not good with your non-dominate hand, which my left is my non-dominant, it's a very easy way to just make a fun, simple design.

I mean all you have to do is just dot down. There's no drawing involved, anybody can do it. So just put a little paint on the end and then just start at the tip of the nail and just dot down. And I really like when I'm doing designs, I like to use the edge of my nail. I don't like to just have whole circles all over the place or whole designs anywhere.

Just you know think of it as, say your nail was twice this length and you had done all these dots on it and then one day you just cut it in half. So some of these dots are going to only be, there's only going to be half of them on there. It gives a nice even flow to any design that you are doing on your nail. It makes it not look so fake.

So just go from nail to nail with the big dotting tool, around the top of the nail. Once you have gone through with the big dots, take a smaller tool and just add some little ones, fill it in. So now we've gone through, we've done large dots, little dots. I'm going to take an even tinier dotting tool. This one is basically like the tip of a needle, a sewing needle. Very useful and we're just going to go through. And when you are using a dotting tool like this, you want to make sure that you're going straight down.

If you accidentally lay it on the side, you're going to get an oblong dot or it's not going to be the right size. It's not going to be as small. Just make sure you are holding it straight up and down. Just go ahead and add your little dots to complete that fade. When you're using these it is a good idea to wipe off the paint after each one, because the paint will get sticky and that'll just make your dots all clumpy. Nobody likes clumpy dots. I think that looks nice. There you go, just a quick and easy manicure with some dots.

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