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How to Do an Owl Nail Art Design

Learn how to do an owl nail design from Megan Toth in this Howcast nail art tutorial.


So I'm going to teach you guys how to do an owl mani. This is really cute and it looks hard to do, but it's not that difficult a manicure. We're going to start, I mixed some acrylic paints here. I have a purple, a yellow, and a white and the body of these owls. I'm going to make a little owl family are going to be purple.

So we're going to start with a very large dotting tool and I'm just going to put some purple on there, and down here at the moon of your nail, you're going to want to just make two dots, like this. And then just keep making them bigger, until they hit the edge of your nail and each other. All right, we're going to color this whole area, right up to the cuticle there. Then just even them out.

You can use the other end, the smaller dotting tool to fix any tiny areas, so there you go, those are going to be the eyeballs. Still using the smaller end of your dotting tool we're just going to make the wings here and you're just going to start at the edge of one side, kind of go down, right into the middle like that.

And then make a slightly curved piece right there and then down again, right up to the edge. You can see what I did there and then just go ahead and fill that in. Do the same to the other side. Don't worry about it, if you get it on your cuticle, if you get that acrylic paint on your cuticle, it's very easy to take off.

So now I'm going to clean that nail up and then I'm going to go through the rest of my nails, and make the purple body on all of them, and then we'll go in and add some details. Using your orange stick, just use a little bit of nail polish remover to clean up those little messes. Voila, ready to move on.

Sometimes, I find it a bit easier when you're doing a design like this to use a dotting tool, instead of a brush. Goes on a little bit smoother. You can really get more of a precise look out of the dotting tools sometimes, but when you're doing something that involves shading, something that has depth to it, it's nicer to use a brush on something like that.

So you could even change the color of the owls in your little owl family, so each ones different or you can add a little thin brown line right here and perch their little feet on them, looks like they're sitting in a tree. Give them a little Tootsie Pop. I don't know, whatever you want to do. The next step is to take your white paint and add a few little details to them.

I'm going to take a very fine dotting tool and use that to add a little owl-y V at the top. Give them some little owl eyebrows right there, then we add some feathers to the little wings. Little kind of u-curved shaped, just kind of three little dashes right there, give them some feathers. You know, if you're ever painting with acrylic paint and you do something like that feather that's a little big, so I might go back with the purple and cover it up a little bit if I wanted to. It's as easy as that.

Okay, so then I'm going to go in with some more white and make circles inside of the eyes up here just like that, almost filling up the purple. Okay, now I'm going to go in with yellow and a very tiny dotting tool. It's almost like a needle point tip and I'm going to draw in the beak and the feet on each of these guys. So we're just going to do a V right here for the beak, off to one side like that and then two at the bottom, and give them a little leg. You just want the tiniest amount of paint.

There you go, you have his little feet and his little beak on there. And when you do this, when you're using such a small dotting tool, you want to make sure that you're not collecting the acrylic paint on the end. Because that can just clump up and it just makes a bigger and bigger ball on the end, so whenever you're done with a nail, wipe it off and start fresh. That always helps.

Okay, so we have everything in place, but he's missing eyeballs. So we're going to put some eyeballs in him by just taking the purple, since it's dark enough. You can also use black if you want or if you want a blue-eyed owl you can do blue or green, whatever. And just take the tiniest little bit and just dab it right in the middle of the white dot that you did earlier.

So you want to be a little bit careful when you're doing this. If you have a thick amount of white paint in the middle, it might mess up the little dot that you're making. But since it's so small, it shouldn't be too bad. You might want to let it dry for a little bit before you do this, that would help.

You just want to get it right in the middle to give them that wide-eyed look. You could also, I don't know make them cross-eyed or googly-eyed. And there you go once your eyeballs are in place, you have your little owl-tastic family.

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