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3 Nail Polish Tricks

Learn three nail polish tricks from Megan Toth in this Howcast nail art tutorial.


I just wanted to give you a few tips and tricks on how to paint on your own hands, and especially with your non dominant hand.

What I do . . . I'm not left-handed, I'm right-handed. The first question I get from people when they see my nails is, "How did you do that on your right hand? How did you paint your right hand?" It's practice, it's a lot of practice, but I wasn't always very good at it. There are some things you can do to help yourself through this. One, take your time. Two, make sure that you haven't had a lot of caffeine, and also, that you're not doing this on an empty stomach. I find that those two things really amp up the shakiness of your hand. Your left hand's already going to be shaky because you don't really use it for this purpose. Especially when you're working on such a small area, just a little bit of shakiness it just going to run everything.

Another trick is to move your right hand in a way that makes it easier for your left hand to do this. When you're doing a design with a brush . . . sorry. That's not a brush, this is. As you're working on whatever you're doing, just move your hand in the position that helps your left hand to be as comfortable as possible, to get that design down. I just hold it like a pen and take your time. That's all it really is; just a lot of practice and having your right hand help you left hand a lot while you're doing that.

Another thing when it comes to nail art, I really love to use acrylic paints when I'm painting. I like to do some very realistic paintings; landscapes, flowers, and things like that. When you're using acrylic paints, the options are really endless. You just have a lot more leeway in the things that you can do in your nail art. Another trick that I like to do, instead of using the brushes that you'll get in your nail kit when you're doing a very thin, long line on your nail and you want it to be really straight, I find that these brushes, they have . . . it's fake bristles, fake hair that they use. I prefer using my own hair, it lays down on the nail better it just gives a cleaner line.

I know this is weird, but I just like to take a little bit of hair, just to the desired width of the line that you want. Just look around for a nice little piece. This one looks good. Snip this off. Don't worry, it'll grow back. Then I tape it on to the end, while trying to keep them all together. Tape it onto the end of one of my other brushes. I learned this trick when I was in high school and I was working at a salon. A lot of the nail artists there, they like to do this because it just makes for a better brush.

Once you have your hair on your brush, you can take scissors and just make sure that all the ends are the same length. Just chop them off, then you have your little liner brush. You get the tiniest, nicest little lines out of it. I'll give you an example of why I like to use this over the kit brushes. They're just . . . it's stiffer so it won't lay to the nail very well when you're trying to go over the nail. Say I put some paint on here. Then when you try to cross over a nail, it just doesn't lay very flat on it. You get a messy, sloppy line with different sizes throughout. I started out thin, got bigger as I went, because it just doesn't hug the nail very well. When you use your own hair, it clings more, curves more to your nail. You can just start over here and drag. It just hugs the nail a bit better so you get more of this even line that really makes a really pretty, precise line there.

Now that I've told you all of those secrets, you all owe me about $100 a pop. You can send that to . . .

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