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How to Do Kickboxing Footwork

Learn how to do kickboxing footwork in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


Now we're doing kicking boxing footwork. Before I start, I want to explain rhythm. There a few different timings. Some people will be more in a boxing forward/back timing, on their toes. Others will be more having their weight back. It's up to you which one feels more comfortable. Obviously it's very important in kick boxing that you're able to lift your front leg up at any time. So it's up to you whether you want to be more mobile or a little bit more with your weight on your back leg. It's a preference.

Now in regards to the footwork, for every basic rule in regards to moving in the ring, anywhere in kickboxing, is that the leg closest to the direction your moving towards goes first. So if I'm moving forward, the leg closest to forward moves first. If I'm going this way, this one moves two inches then the back one moves two inches. If I'm going back, the leg closest to back moves first. Moves back three inches, moves back three inches. Going left three, three, two, two, one, one. Doesn't matter, I'm always leading with the leg closest to that direction first.

Now obviously we don't move so robotic so I'm gonna stay in my rhythm and I'm gonna go forward. Boom. Boom. It's almost like a little shuffle. Making sure my feet come close. Never want to get hit in this position. I want to make sure I have a good, strong, athletic stance to hold term. Going back. Forward. Here. Now, obviously there is a lot of circling that's going on in kick boxing so that being said, you always want to make sure you are always in your proper stance and in front of your opponent. If your opponent is moving to the side, very simply all you have to do is pivot off your lead leg. Turn the other way, pivot off your lead leg.

You can also shuffle. Shuffle around. Shuffle, make sure you maintain your stance. Shuffle the other direction. But you do not want your opponent be here, or here. You ideally want to be there on your opponent but not let them do that. So once again, he's in front of you. I'm shuffling. Making sure I have a good stance the whole time. Never letting him get to my sides. Obviously you know to have your hands like this. You will have your hands up, elbows in, the whole time. Shuffling. Stay in your rhythm if you're not moving anything or tap forward, tap here, turn, turn, shuffle, turn, to the side, to the side. But making sure you maintain a good, solid, base the whole time. And that's some proper techniques for footwork in kickboxing.

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