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How to Do Kickboxing Stances

Learn how to do kickboxing stances in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're going to go over kickboxing stance. If you're right-handed, usually your left leg would be a foot in front of your right leg. Obviously if you're left-handed, it's going to be the opposite way, where now it's your right foot in the front. The reason being, since I'm righty, my strong side is going to be in the back. Later on when I use it, I'm really going to use it. Same thing, if I'm a southpaw, if I'm a lefty, I'm going to leave my left side in the back, so when I use it, I ready to use it. This is more a distraction, distraction, 'boom', make them pay.

In regards to the stance itself, it shouldn't be too wide; it shouldn't be too far behind because later on, that's going to compromise your kick. Almost a little neutral, where it's in a 45-degree angle. Obviously, your hands are going to be up. In regards to kickboxing as opposed to boxing, there are kicks being involved so you want your hands a little higher than your normal, conventional boxing stance. Hands are up; elbows are in the whole time to protect yourself later on. Obviously, any time you move you want to make sure you stay in your stance. Stay in your stance. No matter what happens, stay in your stance.

In kickboxing, also, there's going to be a lot of stance switching. You want to make sure when you switch your stance that it's very nonchalant. With that being said, when I switch my lower body, not much is going on with my upper body. That's it. Not too much of this, and it's not like a boxing switch where you're switching completely. Staying here, nice and easy, switch, switch, and switch.

Later on, it's going to provide us the ability to kick with the lead leg if you want a little bit more power with it. Hands up, elbows in the whole time, pretty much 45 degree angle, feet not too far apart, nice and tall, knees are slightly bent, right here. That's it. That's how you do a proper stance in kickboxing.

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