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How to Do a Kickboxing Uppercut

Learn how to do a kickboxing uppercut in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


Alright guys, now I'm going to go over the uppercuts. The lead uppercut and the rear uppercut are a little different so pay attention. Lead uppercut. This one has to be really short. Its going to be really about the legs coming in there, digging in. Its pretty much a general term that you hear a lot. Lead upper cut is going to be right from your stance. You're going to flip your hand until your knuckles are pointing towards your opponent. Now, I want you to pay attention to my lower body. Its a really small squat, turn and up. It can not be this. This is going to leave you very exposed, later on. You need to go right into pointer. Right from here, up. Trust me, it doesn't take much to hurt somebody's nose. All you need is this. Leg, twist and come right up.

Now the rear uppercut is a lot like the cross. Now we're turning, same thing, you don't need to do much. This elbow does not go behind you, you do not drop your hand. You go right from point A to point B. So, from here turn, turn, turn, turn and up. Lead upper ut, coming forward towards my opponent, coming right up, rear uppercut, pointing towards my opponent, same thing. So, it should look something like this on the bag. Here, I am not dropping much. Rear uppercut, it going straight up. obviously the bag is flat and I am going to hit it flush straight up. So your mainly going to work at an angle because in real life, people are standing straight up. That's how you do an uppercut in kickboxing.

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