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How to Do a Kickboxing Elbow Strike

Learn how to do a kickboxing elbow strike in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right guys, now we're doing elbows in kickboxing. First thing off about an elbow is you want to make it as sharp as possible, making sure this hand comes around and tucks inward, leading with the tip of the elbow, all right? With this elbow it should come up on eyebrow level, opposite hand has to stay up. Obviously if you can elbow somebody, they could elbow you too. So it's going to look something similar to this. I'm bringing my hand up, I'm bringing elbow out, hand comes inward flipping my elbow almost in a downward angle, opposite hand stays up, pivoting my weight, turning my foot, making sure my eyes stay towards my opponent, and coming right back to my stance.

With the rear, very similar. I'm turning, taking my hand inwards, opposite hand stays up, turn, turn, turn, pointing my elbow towards my opponent, and right from here, not losing my balance, coming straight back into my stance. With the lead elbow, it's very similar to a hook, and we're now, you turn, you have most of your weight forward, elbow's coming out, out, out, and as you're approaching your opponent, you're shifting your weight back. I'm pivoting my lead leg, most of my weight's in my rear leg, opposite hand stays up the whole time, and as soon as you're done, you're shifting your weight right back to your neutral stance position.

With the rear, same deal as the right cross, where you're going forward, forward, hand tucked in, elbow's coming out pointing towards your opponent, my weight right now is in my left, I pivoted my rear foot all the way out, and not losing my balance because my weight's on my left leg, coming right back into my stance. So towards the back, should be here, turning outwards, hand stays up pretty much in-between my face, my hand should be there, protecting my face, okay. Come right back, lead elbow, rear elbow, lead elbow, rear elbow. Very important guys, as soon as you come out, it's very important that you come right back to your stance, you don't fall forward, don't do any of this. All right, elbow, back, elbow, right back to your stance. And that's how you do an elbow strike in kickboxing.

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