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How to Do a Kickboxing Knee Strike

Learn how to do a kickboxing knee strike in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Let's go over knee strikes in kickboxing. We're going to start with the rear leg. The rear leg, once again, if you're a right-handed fighter, it's going to be your right leg; left-handed fighter, it's going to be your left leg. With the knee, basically the first thing you want to go over the knee itself is you want to make sure it's sharp. Your foot should not be out here. You want a sharp knee, same deal as an elbow. You want to make sure that it's very sharp and your toes are almost tucked in, trying to touch your butt the whole time.

Next up is your standing leg, which is very important. With this leg right here, you want to be as tall as you possibly can. Eventually, you want to be on your toes. At first, you may have to do it flat-footed, which is okay. Then eventually, you want to try to continue on to try and be on the balls of your feet. Next, very important piece of information in regards to the knee strikes is the hips. Knees, people are not standing completely over the top, they're going to be right in front of you, so this knee strike needs to be more at an angle going towards them. Going straight up is not going to work. This knee needs to go at them. That being said, the only way that's going to happen is with your hips. I want you to pay attention to this hip right here. As I come up, I'm going to squeeze my glutes and lean back. This knee is going to go up and out, and back, breathing out.

With my hands, I'm going to use my hand now to almost pump . . . I want you to almost imagine grabbing their shoulder and pulling their shoulder towards your knee. Opposite hand, whether it's across, side, other side, doesn't matter; make sure this hand stays up. It should look like this, almost like I'm grabbing. As I lean, I'm pulling this down, and then right back to your stance. I'm leaning back so I can make sure I do not fall forward. I'm just going right in, right back to my stance.

In a bag, rear knee, right from here. Notice how the bag is going back, it's flat. I'm going straight up, obviously, I can't hit it. It's flat. I need to hit towards it just like somebody's standing right in front of me. From here, [inaudible : 02:14], and then right back, not losing my balance forward.

Lead leg; it's a little difficult to me just right from here. You have no power, there's nothing there. What's going to have to happen, you're going to have to switch your stance real quick. Guys, when you switch your stance, this is very important that it's not dramatic. Pay attention to my upper body, right here, I'm going to switch my stance, and it's almost as nothing happened. I'm right here, switch my stance; nothing happened. Just right now what I want to do is to load this leg. Switch, and now everything's the same. Hands across, getting on the balls of my feet, getting tall, leaning back, knee, down, back. I'm going to switch, down, back. Switch, down, back. One more time: Switch, down, back. Opposite hand is staying up the whole time. I'm coming right back to my stance.

If I'm here facing the bag, I'm going to switch, knee the bag, right back to my stance. Switch, right back to the bag, switch, making sure the opposite hand is always staying up, pulling down, pumping, and very important, thrusting the hip forward every single time. That's how you do knees in kickboxing.

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