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How to Do a Kickboxing Front Kick

Learn how to do a kickboxing front kick in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


Now, guys, we're doing the front kick in kickboxing.

There is a difference between rear leg and lead leg in regards to front kicks. Lead leg is a little bit more defensive. Rear leg is a little bit more offensive. Lead leg, it's more about stopping somebody in their path. I'm going to stop them from coming in towards me.

Rear leg is a little bit more about getting somebody away from me. First things first. You want to make sure you're not jamming your toes. It's very important that as soon as your leg comes up, your knee comes up, that your toes are pointing straight up. You do not want to jam your toes. It's going to be a very bad day. In regards to the foot, you can be on the balls of your feet, be flat-footed or it can be with your heel. Heels is going to hurt a little bit more and a little less range of motion. Next thing up, you want to be as tall as you possibly can. Bring your knee into your chest, knee to your chest first, not leg out. Knee to your chest. Then, right from here, we're pumping our arm, whichever kick we're using, we're pumping our arm and leaning back as the hip goes forward.

So, lead kick. Stop it. Coming at me. Knee up. Coming right back and right back. Now rear leg, like I said, is a little bit more powerful because it's coming from the back. It has more time to travel forward. Rear leg is the same deal. You just want to make sure, you always come back to your stance. You don't want to do this. You don't want to come up, kick, and fall forward.

Here, my knee is going to go straight up to my chest. Come right back to my stance. Lean back, toss my hips forward, squeeze my glutes. Come right back to my stance. Depending on where you kick, you can drop both hands if you go high enough. If you're not going too high, one hand. If you're going a little higher, come all the way up.

It's very important, guys, with your rear leg is that you do not fall forward. You're going to step into your opponent's range or paunch or whatever, and then make sure you come up, kick, and come right back to your stance. Your lead leg up, kick, slowly come right back to your stance. Come right back to your stance. Come right back to your stance. Come right back to your stance. Come right back to your stance. Make sure one hand stays up, unless you're going pretty high, then you can drop both hands. For the most part, one hand always is staying right up, pumping the same arm from the same leg. That's how you do a front kick.

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