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How to Do a Sidekick

Learn how to do a kickboxing sidekick in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, now we're going to go over a shuffle side kick in kick boxing. This is a very strong move. It requires you to obviously have just a little bit of balance because your feet will be crossed for a quick second. But if done correctly, it's a very powerful move, really going to be glut-dominant. All your weight is going to be going forward and you could really cause some damage.

Okay? So first thing first, from your stance, what's going to happen now, I'm going to transfer all my weight towards my opponent. So I want you to pay attention to my rear leg because I'm standing in my stance. I'm stepping across, okay? Stepping across.

Now, even though it's called a side kick, it's almost going to be as if I'm giving my back towards my opponent for a quick second. Okay? So, here, up. He's going to come up. I'm giving my back towards my opponent. Now, the point of contact with the foot itself, you want it to be flipped up. Okay? Flip up over here so it's almost with the outside part of the foot that I'm making contact.

Starting right from here, I step. Knee comes up, I'm flipping everything almost giving my back, then extending my leg through, but in one smooth motion. So, lift my hands up here. Step, and right back to my stance. So as soon as I'm done, I want you guys to pay attention that I kick, boom, down, back. Come up, kick, down, back. Kick, down, back.

So once again, from here. Kick, down, back. So, live action. Here, stepping through, back, facing my opponent. Step, down, back. One more time, going through. Kick, down, back. Okay? That's how you do a proper shuffle side kick in kickboxing.

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