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How to Do a Kickboxing Back Kick

Learn how to do a kickboxing back kick in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys, now we're going to do a back kick in kickboxing. In order to do a back kick, the first thing you need to do, obviously, is to make sure your back is facing your opponent. First, what I want to do, with my lead leg, is obviously turn it around, my back is facing my opponent, now next thing with my leg is to bring this knee to my chest. Okay, right from there, I'm going to pick up my opponent, by turning my face towards them, making sure I can see them properly. And then from here, I'm going to extend, squeeze my glutes, extend my leg back, all the way back, kick, and then right back to my stance. I'm going to be here, step, turn, knee comes up, extend, pick them up, and right back to my stance. So. You can also do a back kick right after a missed attack. So, I'm here, you miss them, I want to make sure that they're not coming too close to me, I'm going to pick them up, and right away extend my leg back. So, both ways, either you can initiate the kick by turning, giving your back, and kick, or it can be right after a missed attack, boom, and kick. So, look, something like this. Here, step, turn, pick up my opponent, knee comes to my chest, right back to my stance. In a missed attack, I kick, I miss, right from here, I bring my knee up, right back. So, it should look something like this.

Turn, pick him up, right back to my stance. Or, kick, you miss, as you're coming forwards, make sure they don't get too close, attack. Keep them away from you. And, that's how you do a proper back kick in kickboxing.

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