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3 Best Kickboxing Combos

Learn how to do the three best kickboxing combos in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


Now I'm going to go over good kick boxing combos. Now before we start it's very important to understand your range. There are some attacks that are better to do up close, like elbows and knees. Mid-range is going to be a little bit more arms, front punches and front kicks. A little further apart and now you could go on the same thing with the front kicks, but also round house kicks. I'm going to start first with close combos of very basic close combos that you could try to use all your tools, practice them.

Our combo is going to be rear elbow, knee to elbow, rear knee, lean knee. I'm going to break this down slowly now. So first I'm going to start with my elbow, make sure my hand's tucked in, rear elbow. Knee to elbow, you're going to grab the bag real quick, knee, making sure I'm leaning back. Now here I need you guys to pay attention to my feet. I'm going to step straight down, then step back, and then use it. So it's almost as if I'm going to load it and then use it. Load and then use it. And then right back to my stance.

So elbow, elbow, knee, down, knee and back to my stance. So right back to your stance. And right back to your stance. Mid-range, something we could practice. Now it's one-two, one-two, right from here you're going to lean back, push kick, catch it with knee. Rear front kick is a little bit more offensive. You're looking more to push the bag. You push them away, then you catch them. So one-two, one-two, up push, catch, right back to your stance. One-two, one-two, push, catch and right back to your stance.

Now a little further away. Obviously from this distance, elbows and knees, they're not going to work. So now I'm going to go with a long range attack. Long front kick, right from there. I'm going to step forward, fall into it and go right into a round house kick. So front kick, and down, okay? Now we could do this on both sides, okay? Stay here on my left leg, come up, push kick. Fall right into my stance, round house kick. Here push, right back to my stance. Knee push, back to my stance. Rear push, fall forward, back to my stance. Knee push and rear push. And those are some good kick boxing combos for you to try.

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