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How to Shadowbox in Kickboxing

Learn how to shadowbox in this Howcast kickboxing workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're going to go over shadow boxing techniques for kick boxing. First thing when you start shadow boxing, obviously is to get in your stance, okay? From here in whatever rhythm you feel comfortable with and then you start moving. First practice your moving before you do any strikes. Here and here if you're a south paw. Move, you stand, go forward, back, side making sure you're always looking towards the direction your stance is at. I'm looking. I'm looking. Staying here. Staying here. This is my opponent and so my head comes with me.

Once you're feeling comfortable with your movement, now we can start with our upper body attacks. So you do your punches, jab, cross, start doing combinations, move, more combinations. Now from here I continue on with the elbows. Start mixing up punches with elbows. Just keep moving. Then little by little start incorporating your defense. Now once you're feeling nice and warm, start using the legs a little bit. Here and maybe start off with a knee. Start adding that with your combos, with the upper body combos. Switch, maybe walk down the line. Knee, knee, knee, knee, turn, turn, all right?

Feeling a little looser. Hamstrings are feeling looser we start with the front kicks. Kick, kick, kick, kick, turn and kick, kick, kick, kick, turn, start mixing elbows for our combos. All right, now we're feeling even more looser we start adding our round house kick. We start off slow, not so high. And switch, as you start getting warmer, go a little higher. Now I'll start adding in my combos. So basically, as you keep getting warmed up, you start adding more attacks, defense, knees, front kicks, round kicks. And those are some of the basic shadow boxing drills in kick boxing.

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