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How to Shadowbox with Resistance Band

Learn how to shadowbox with resistance bands in this Howcast kickboxing workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


Now we're going to shadowbox with a resistant band. First thing you want to do, lift your band, just take it and bend it halfway and tie a knot right in the middle of it. You're going to have something like this. Now with this guy, you're going to put it right behind you on your thumbs, bring it right underneath your armpits and you're ready to go.

Now you're in fighting stance. Now that we're here, we're going to do the same thing as our shadowboxing, we're going to move around first. Stay there and just keep your hands up, and start our punches. First thing we're going to start just with repetitive punches. One-two, one-two, one-two. Obviously, this is giving me resistance going forward, and its reminding me that, "Hey, you should keep your hands right back up here."

We're going to keep moving around, one-two, one-two, start adding your kick right here, knees here, uppercuts, around and right back to your stance. Now something else you could do with your resistance band, now to make it a little bit more for your lower body is step halfway into it. Put your foot in one of the handles and now let's work on the hip flexes. So right from here and your balance, just a little bit of balance, come up, stay nice and tall and bring your knee all the way up.

This is going to help us later on, bring our knee to our chest and extending out, also to help us with our roundhouse kick. Same leg, keep your weight all the way on this opposite leg. Just stay on your toes, keeping your leg completely straight ,and bring your leg as high as you can, holding your balance the whole time, and right back to your stance. And that's some shadowboxing drills with the resistance band.

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