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How to Do a Roundhouse Kick Defense in Kickboxing

Learn how to do a roundhouse kick defense in this Howcast kickboxing workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now I'm going to do round house kick defense. Face me. The first thing I want to do with my defense, I'll explain, is I want to create a straight line from the top of my glove all the way down to the bottom of my foot. Pretty much my toes, going straight down, creating a straight line, so wherever this kick is at, I'm blocking and I'm protecting myself from it.

So this is what I mean. Right now, Melissa's going to throw a right round house kick, all right? And if she kicks low, what's going to happen now-- kick low, up-- ready? She will miss completely. Come right back up. If she kicks a little higher, right? I will catch it-- go ahead, kick-- with my shin. If she kicks midway real slow, kick real slow midway. I'll catch it with my knee on my elbow and she's going to have a very bad day.

If she kicks really high-- kick really high up-- I'll protect it with my glove or my shoulder, okay? So again, low, mid, just keep going higher. Go, good. Then right back. Go a little higher, good. A little higher, good. Get really high, go. Good, a little more pressure, go. Good, so I'm always creating that line. Now if she kicks with her left leg-- switch, good stay right there.

There are a few ways of doing this. If we're close or depending on my stance, if this leg's in front you could use your rear leg-- so kick real slow, come forward-- and then right back. A little harder, go. Back and again. So the same thing, create a straight line. Little higher, straight line. Good, a little more pressure, go. Good, and again, good. And one more, good.

Now if you don't have enough time or you feel more comfortable just keeping this leg planted and this leg up on its toes, what you can do-- kick me right along here, slow-- is cross your legs. And again, good. A little faster, go. Good, again. Good, and again. Good, so nice and easy come back to normal. Let's go with our right round house kick. Go, good. Switch, left, good. Again, left. Good, left. Left, good. Right. Right high. Good, left high. Good, and that's how you protect yourself from a round house kick in kick boxing.

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