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How to Do Partner Pad Training in Kickboxing

Learn how to do partner pad training in this Howcast kickboxing workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're doing kick boxing partner pad training. So first we're going to start off obviously we need a pair of pads, muay Thai pads, they're a little longer than regular boxing pads. It's going to be very helpful for the kicks, okay? Face me, but first we're going to start out with our punches, okay? Nice and easy, hands up. Usually when doing pads you want to make sure that the person you're training with is punching across. So one across your face, not towards, one. You don't want this just in case they turn into your face. So nice and easy, one-two, across. One-two, good, and one-two. One-two, one-two, and one-two, one-two.

This is a good time to work on your defense, making sure you're staying relaxed, having punches come to your face and not freaking out, one-two, one-two. So I'm staying in the strong stance. I'm staying there, one-two, one-two. And one more time one-two, one-two. Good, staying nice and calm. Now we're going to go with a hook, nice and easy, one-two, and I'm going to turn my pad. So now she can hook nice and easy, okay? One-two, hook, go. One-two, hook. And again, go one-two hook. And one more one-two, hook. Notice I'm still turning my body almost as if I'm doing a one-two hook myself, just not extending my arms any more.

All right, nice and easy, we're going to do uppercuts. Obviously, if she's going to do an uppercut, my pad needs to be pointing down. So let me get a one-two uppercut, uppercut. Go one-two, uppercut, uppercut. Good, nice and tall, go. And one-two, uppercut, uppercut. And one more time, go. One-two uppercut, uppercut. Eventually now you start playing with these combos, right? Double jab, double jab two, one-two, hook two, one-two up-up hook. Okay, and that's with the punches. Now we'll just move on towards our elbows. Nice and easy, let me get a right elbow, good. Now with the elbow guys it's very important that you definitely keep your face away, because you can get away with one or two punches by mistake, not elbows, okay?

So now we're going to combine the elbows with the punches, double jab, right elbow. Go, jab-jab, good. And again, jab-jab, good. And one more jab-jab, good. Now double jab, right elbow, left elbow. Go jab-jab, elbow, elbow, good. And again jab-jab, elbow, elbow. And again, jab-jab, elbow, elbow, good. Let's give Melissa a little breather all right? Now we're going to move on to the front kick. Okay, so with the front kick we're going to take this pad, you're going to flip your hand over real quick and just put this pad right in your belly and put this pad right in front. So nice and easy, hands up. It's going to look like this. Stand in a strong stance and left front kick. Good, and again, left front. Good, and left front.

I usually prefer to train my abs. Hands up, nice and easy, left front kick. Good, left front kick. Good, and left front kick. It's good ab training. All right if you don't have abs, probably use the pad first, okay? And front kick, good, and front kick. Now let's combine it in our combo. One-two, left front kick, go. One-two, good, again. One-two and good. Now one-two right front kick. Go one-two, and good. Go, one-two and good. And one more one-two and good. All right, so now we're going to move on to the knees. Knees up, so with the knee this one really cannot get hit with a knee. You're going to have your pad pointing towards the knee, same side usually. Have the other pad right on top of it, okay? So now this knee never comes up or you never hit yourself with your hand in your face, okay?

So nice and easy, right knee. Good, as a guy, I'm always going to be standing at this angle. Never give an opportunity to come right up the middle. Ready, and knee, good. And knee, good. Nice and easy, one-two, right knee. One-two, and good. And again one-two, and good. And one more, one-two and nice. Okay, now we're going to go on to the left knee. So nice and easy, come and stay in your normal stance first. Switch, good and knee, good. Right back to normal, switch, and knee, good. One more time, switch, and knee, good. One-two, switch knee, go. One-two switch, nice. And again, one-two, switch, good. And one more, one-two, switch, all right. Face me right here. Now we're going to move on to the round house kick, okay?

If you're stronger, have a little more endurance, you could get away by doing this if your legs are a little more solid. This still hurts after a while, especially with somebody strong like Melissa. Okay, hands up, nice and easy, right round house kick. Good, and again. Good, and again. Good and one more. All right, now once again if you have to be a little stronger to do it that way. The more common way is to do this. You're going to step to the side, over here a little bit. You're going to put these guys together, press them hard. Almost have like a little V angle. Step into your side, your chin is not in front, it's to the side. And kick and as soon as the kick comes, you're pressing down. Good, and again. Good, and one more. Good, we're going to switch sides, switch leg.

So this is the first way, a little easier, but it hurts a little bit more. And again, good. Take your time, and again, good. And one more. Now together, now together. My face is away. This is tight and kick. Good, kick, good. And one more, kick. Good, now right back to normal. So now we're going to start mixing up with the punches, elbows and knee strikes. Nice and easy, one-two, right round house. Go, one-two, and good. And again, one-two and good. One-two, switch, left round house. One-two, switch, good. And right back to normal and again. One-two switch, good. Now we're starting to have more fun with this. Ready, double jab two, right knee, good, right knee. One-two, one-two, left knee. Kick it, good. Kick it, good. Kick it, good. Kick it, good. One kick, one kick, one-two, double elbow, elbow, one-two, one-two. Kick, kick, and relax. And that's how you do pad work in kick boxing.

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