How to Train for Kickboxing for Women

Learn how to do kickboxing training for women in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're going to do some kick box training for women. Through my experience, some of the troublesome spots that the ladies always tell me they have is the granny arms, the little guys leftover here and the glutes. So what I'm going to do is just three basic exercises to help all three. First one we're going to do is kind of a straight armed tricep exercise. Usually when you're do this it's going to be with a light dumbbell and it's going to be for high reps. So face me, stand to the side. Good, you're going to bend over, your back is arched the whole time, neck is neutral, arms are completely straight, your hands are kind of turned.

Do not go any lower than your hips and you're going straight up and right back down, quick. Up and down, breathe, making sure you maintain your posture the whole time. Good, five, six, seven. You're going to be beautiful, eight, nine. A little faster down, lower a little lower, yes down and up. You're going to start feeling this right in the back of the arm, same troublesome spot where ladies always come up to me, "Hey, how do I get rid of this?" All right, this definitely helps, down; five, four, three, two, and one, and relax.

Okay, now I'm going to move down to the floor. All right, the next exercise we're going to do is called bicycle kicks. One of my favorites, just because it really correlates with the kick boxing. Hands behind your head. Now anytime you're doing the abs, you want to make sure there's a gap right here. You're not pulling your neck really hard. This out, chest is out, elbows are out. First, the starting position you'll bring one knee into your chest. Lift the other leg straight up. Now with the opposite elbow you're going to touch this knee. So we're really training our core with twisting and getting used to being long and lean, pretty much with our kicks, okay?

So what's going to happen now, you're going to switch legs and you're going to touch. Good and now this is going to happen one after the other, go. And kick, kick, kick, kick, you're going to rotate as much as you can the whole time. Breathing all the way in. Breathing all the way out. So you're going to do ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, good, four breathe, three, two, and relax. Nice, now we're going to flip over, just go onto the back. Now the next exercise is going to be butt kicks, but with our band. We're going to put one foot on one end, and then with the same side, we're going to hold on to the band, same side all the way up.

So you're getting on your hands and knees, all right? One band's on your foot, you could just usually slides up, good posture, arms are straight, back is arched. This knee is right below your hip and you're going to start first by extending the leg with the band, extend all the way out. Hold, hold, stay right there, good. Squeezing the glutes the whole time. Slowly you're going to bring your knee in. Bring your knee in to your chest. Make sure it's not your foot. It's your knee that comes in. If you bring your foot, the band could come off.

Ready, and extend out, and hold. Hold, hold, hold, so you do not want to bring this in first. The knee has to go in. Ready and bring your knee in, hold it, and right back out. And squeeze, hold, hold, squeeze the glutes and right back. Let's go. Then breathe out, hold. Good, good, out, out, out, and hold it. Five, in right back, and hold, hold, hold, four, good breathe in. Breathe out, hold, hold, hold, three breathe in, hold, squeeze those glutes, two breathe in, breathe out hold, and relax. Switch it up. Obviously now you'll switch up the band and make sure you do both glutes. If you do 20, you do 20 on the next side. Really a good exercise to help you pretty much tone the glute area. And those are some kick boxing training exercises for women.

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