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3 Kickboxing Fitness Drills

Learn how to do three kickboxing fitness drills in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're going to do some kickboxing fitness drills. These drills are going to be designed to build overall body I guess endurance, power, and coordination, that kind of stuff. At first we're going to start off with a modified Burpee. We're just not going to go all the way down with the push up, so it's going to start off like this. I'm going to go straight down to the floor, right from here, and I'm going to jump my feet back.

From this position, I'm going to come right back in, and then from here I'm going to jump straight up. So it will look like this. Okay, all right. Next drill is going to be for our core. So I'm going to lie down completely. Legs are going to be straight. Arms are going to be straight. I'm going to stay here the whole time. I'm not going to touch the floor. Take a deep breath in and you want to make sure you're engaging the core the whole time.

On the way up and on the way down, never letting it go. So from here, the next exercise we're going to do is going to be for our upper body, but we're going to add a little bit of back flair to it. So bring our hands back to our face when we punch. It's going to look like this. Go straight down. Breathe in and breathe out. Come up and up. We squeeze our back every single time, so eventually you're going to go back and forth and switch hands, whichever one comes first, right? Down, opposite hand first. Next time, other hand first, and those are some fitness kickboxing drills.

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