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How to Kickbox Train at Home

Learn how to kickbox train at home in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


This is Kickboxing Training at Home.

We're just going to use a chair. All right? We're assuming you have no bags at home. No dumbbells, so hopefully you have a chair at home. We're going to start off with some upper body motions. Very simple, you're going to sit down, put your hands right on the edge, elbows stay in the whole time. In and all the way down. Breathe in and out, 5-4-3-2 and 1. Right away you're going to sit down right from here. We're going to go nonstop. It's going to be a circuit, okay?

Lean back just a little bit, but not resting on the back. Just going to lean back just a bit. Hands behind your head, [unintelligible 00:41] right here and crunch. Work from there guys. What's going to happen now, first we're going to stretch out our hip flexors. We're going to lunge into the chair. Make sure the chair is secure when you do so. You're going to step in, stretch everything out. Stretch is just a modified lunge and come right back. Step in.

This is going to help us with our front kicks and our knees. Now we're going to make this just a little harder by reversing it. We're going to put our foot on the chair now, right here. Looking forward. Everything straight. Hips are straight. Toes are straight. We're going to go straight down. Breathing in. Breathing out and then you're going to switch.

Now this last exercise is going to be a little harder. You want to make sure your chair is nice and secure. This is going to help us develop power with our knees and our front kicks. So our foot is going to be in the chair. You're going to come up nice and slow to make sure everything is secure, and once you're there, make sure you don't lose your balance and come right back down.
Now and up, and then you switch, and that's some kickboxing drills for the home.

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