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How to Balance Train for Kickboxing

Learn how to balance train for kickboxing in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


So guys, now we're doing balance training exercises for kick boxing. Our first exercise is going to involve a bossaball. It's going to be just a simple squat on it, but it's going to challenge your balance. Now when getting on to the bossaball, first what you want to do is make sure you have one foot on, have one side already down, and then once this side is down, put your other foot; that's an easy on. Then little by little slide your way so everything's nice and even.

From there I'm going to keep my arms up and slowly squat down. While I'm squatting down I'm making sure I'm squeezing my abs and my calves, all right? So if you start shaking like crazy, it's fine at first, but just make sure to keep concentrating all your strength pretty much on your core and on your calves. So it's going to look like this. Arms straight, drop your butt, breathing in, breathe out. If you start doing this at first, it's fine. It's very normal, okay? Slowly go down to one side, other foot comes off. Now I'm going to flip this over.

Our next exercise now is going to be knees with one foot standing right in the middle of the bossaball. So you're going to come up; now this is going to be pretty hard, so I'm going to be pretty unstable; you just want to hold it as long as you can. Hold and come right back down. Hold and come right back down. Hold as tall as you can, right back down, hold and right back down. Then switch, hold, right back down, hold right back down and hold and right back down, hold and right back down. Very challenging.

Last few exercises is going to be now on the standing just barefoot. You don't need a bossaball right now. You're going to hold your leg up. Stay there. This is going to train your hip flexors. At the same time you want your knees slightly above your hip. You're going to hold it this leg, trying to be as long as you possibly can. Stay there and you can do front kicks and drop your left hand at the same time or whatever side you're kicking with. Switch up, balance.

The last exercise is going to help us with our round kicks. You're going to stay here and we're going to tap the floor across our foot. Our bottom leg is completely straight the whole time and you're going to bring your knee all the way up. Up, up, up, open, open, open as much as you can. Tap the floor behind you and right back in front. Really hard. Open and right back. I'm going to switch that up. Tap the floor across you, open up as much as you can, and right back. Open up, and right back. Boom. That's a lot harder than what it looks, and those were some balance training exercises for kick boxing.

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