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How to Do Aerobic Kickboxing Training

Learn how to do aerobic kickboxing training in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we're going to do aerobic kickboxing training. We're going to need the rope, tether ball and a few dumbbells. We're going to start off with the rope. Rope is behind you and you're going to start with basic. Right from here we're going to go into your high knees. If you want, add a little bit more flair, side to side. If you want to be a little bit more sexier, criss-cross, and with the right speed, just start picking it up.

All right, right from there, as soon as you're done, quickly it's aerobic trainin, pick up your dumbbells and punch. Punch above your own head and one hundred. Okay? Now we're going to pick up your tether ball. Okay? Right from here, remember, stick out your butt, arch your back and squeeze the gluts. Just like we're doing front kicks and knees. Squeeze those hips. Squeeze those gluts. All right. And right back. Now, nonstop circuit and that, guys, was aerobic training for kickboxing.

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