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How to Do Flexibility Training for Kickboxing

Learn how to do flexibility training for kickboxing in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


So guys, this is flexibility training for kickboxing. We're going to start off with one leg in front. Both hands are going to be on the floor. Your toes are on the floor. Now what's going to happen, from this forward position while constantly tipping your hips forward, you're going to bring your knee all the way up and constantly do that. So up, keep stretching and then right back down.

And then you're going to switch, leg in front, both hands on the ground, toes and up. So I'm constantly stretching out my hip flexors and I'm getting used to rocking up my leg, which is very important in kickboxing. For this next exercise we're going to use pretty much a stretching strap.

You could also use a yoga strap. You get on your back. Going to put your foot right in the middle. Hold the mat, lean back, bring your knee to your chest and constantly try now to extend your leg. Switch. Guys, that's some flexibility training for kickboxing.

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