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3 Essential Kickboxing Training Gear Pieces

Learn about the three essential pieces of gear you need for kickboxing in this Howcast workout video featuring Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz.


All right, guys. Now we are going to go over some basic training equipment needed for kick boxing. First one is hand wraps. The hand wraps now are going to protect your hand from obviously, hurting yourself. Basically, there are a lot of delicate joints and bones in your hand, very complicated stuff going on over here. So main thing you're really looking forward to doing with this hand wrap is protecting your knuckles first, all right?

Going up here, looping around the knuckles a few times, just giving it some padding. Going towards the wrist now, making sure later on, your wrist is not bending. Now once again going between the knuckles, just keep wrapping the hand. Sometimes you protect the thumb. You can pull it back in and wrap the wrist. Very important to protect the wrist and the knuckles. All right, that's with the hand wraps.

Next thing up, at first you start off with the shin guards. I usually prefer you don't, but if you have delicate feet, if you bruise easily, shin guards are just the way to go at first. Obviously, eventually you're going to have to train without them, but with partner drills you're definitely going to have to use shin guards. And obviously one of the most important tools is the glove itself.

Now the glove could the the basic hook and loop style, where it's very easy for you to deal with your own. There are a lot of gloves out there that are laced based. You do not need that for your training, because and then you have to bother somebody to lace you up or to untie you. You don't want to bother anybody else, especially when you are in the zone. You don't want to take off your headphones, so the hook and loop is usually one of the ones I prefer the best. All right, guys, and those are just some basic essentials you need for your kick boxing training.

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