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How to Kickbox with Work Train Fight

Learn about Work Train Fight founder Alberto Ortiz, one of Howcast's kickboxing experts, in this video.


How are you doing, guys? My name is Alberto Ortiz. I'm the owner of Work Train Fight, in New York City. I personally started kickboxing when I first became a personal trainer around 2004-ish and realized that it was just such a great exercise in regards to my flexibility. It was so hard. The balance, all the different weapons you've got to learn and it gets really addicting over time.

You just want to constantly train. You want to run more. You want to jump up a little further, just because you know you have a kickboxing training session tomorrow. Once I started adapting the same kickboxing moves that I was training for to my clients, you see how much fun they're having and it's amazing how everybody loves to hit things.

No matter the age, whether it's young, old, professional fighters, 9 to 5 guys, basically it's they just love to hit things. It's not all about the fighting. I just make them feel good about the training. I feel like bringing boxing and kickboxing into the scene just gives them something to train for. This motivates them to eat well, to make sure they do their own cardio on their own, so when they come in for their training sessions, they're able to keep up.

I love to see the results that people get in regards to their confidence. It's not really the moves. Yes, they get better. Yes, they get more trimmed, but just the confidence, the way they carry themselves, their posture. Coming in and out, they way they talk about themselves. At first, you kind of see them come in and they're hunched over and they're not too confident. Later on, a few months later they're joking with all the trainers around here and it's really rewarding.

I don't know how many jobs out there could say that they get this instant gratification from their clients and just really see that you're helping somebody while you're doing this. Hopefully, with these How Cast videos you can get some of these tips, and you yourself get a little bit more confident with your kickboxing, and with just your overall training for kickboxing. You could easily find us at We offer one-on-one sessions, we offer classes, whichever environment you're more comfortable in. Give it a try on one of our promos and then from there you'll get started and you'll see what everybody's talking about.

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