How to Prevent & Treat Bunions | Foot Care

Learn how to prevent and treat bunions with this Howcast video about foot care.


A bunion deformity is typically characterized by a large bony prominence on the inside of your foot. It can be quite painful, especially with shoe gear.

When a patient comes to the office with a bunion deformity, usually I start by recommending a change in shoe gear. A shoe with a wider, deeper toe box typically can decrease the inflammation in the joint, thereby alleviating the pain.

Bunion deformities are common with people who have a structural imbalance in the foot. In order to prevent the progression of a bunion deformity, usually I recommend a stiffer shank shoe, over-the-counter innersoles, and in many cases, a custom innersole, which can be modified to promote joint function.

Sometimes anti-inflammatories will help with the pain. Contrast baths, consisting of a warm soak, followed by ice, has also proven to be quite effective. There are quite a few silicone padding that can be applied directly to the bunion deformity, which can distribute pressure in the area, also reducing the pain.

Should conservative therapy fail to alleviate the condition, surgery is available for bunion deformities. There are over 120 different types of bunion procedures available. What type of bunion you have, the degree of the deformity, the amount of joint damage that you have, and your age will often dictate what type of procedure you have done.

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