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How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

Learn how to curl long hair with a curling iron from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


How to curl long hair with a curling iron.

First of all, you have a few choice you have to think about is the size of your curling iron, depending on your hair texture. If it's really curly or not that curly or pretty straight. It's all going to matter at the end, what's the size of the curling iron.

We are going to start with doing a separation. You need to take about an inch square, clip the top of the hair to get it out of the way. Take a small section, make sure you brush it or comb the hair nice and smooth.

We need to start at the roots and slowly roll the hair around it and make your way down. Make sure the hair is nice and smooth all the way to the end.

Take the next separation the same way. About an inch square. Make sure the hair is nice and smooth.

Now, the front piece will be the most important because it's something that's going to show no matter what you do with your hair, if you wear it down or if you wear it up. Make sure you go all the way to the ends. Nice and smooth.

There is also different ways of using a curling through your hair. If you want a looser wave you can actually just wrap the hair around, hold it, and keep the ends a little straighter, which will give you more of a nicer, looser wave and then end with stay a little bit straighter. It will give you the effects of being a little bit more natural.

The other way will be a more classical way. It will be to start at the roots, and make your way down by bringing that piece in the middle, and little by little make your way down. That will give you a little bit more tight curl.

The next one will actually be just a way to give a slight movement, that will work on shorter layers to give the effects of being, because your iron gets really hot and the hair gets really hot, one way to actually cool it down is actually very simple. Actually blow on the hair a little bit so it sets it a little bit more. It holds a little bit more.

So after all the work on the curling iron you can see the result. Now either you can put a little bit of hairspray. Something light so that it doesn't get to gluey.

The easiest way to style it is actually to put the hair upside down, and shake it with your finger.

Go up.

Do not use a brush or a comb, just use your finger and style it. This is one way to wear your hair down with the waves or curls.

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