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How to Do a Half Up Updo

Learn how to do a half up long hair updo from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


How to wear your hair half up. There is a few different choice. First of all you need to make sure your hair texture is well prepared before you do that. That means to smooth the hair with the brush, make sure it is nice and smooth and not frizzy.

The first one we'll do is we’ll do style by doing a little bit of a teasing, to give a little body to the hair. So, the teasing is really, mainly at the roots here. And that will give her a little bit of height. Now, the first one we’ll do is actually taking from the top of the hair, all the way up here, keeping those down.

So, I’m making a separation pretty much, middle of the crown. Smooth some of this hair out, keeping a little volume on top, have to make sure the volume is even using a Bobbie pin or a few.

Using another big long Bobbie pin, you want actually make sure the volume is right. So, by pulling those hair here, this is how to actually get those hair to come up a little bit. Now there’s no trick for putting the back into your hair. It is all about being creative.

With a slight hair spray, we want to smooth out some of those little hair, so it does look clean. We can always add a little accessory into the hair. Meaning, could be a little flowers or little diamond, little clips to give a little effect of being, going out and have a little bit more like of a night evening style.

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