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How to Do a French Twist

Learn how to do a French twist from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So how to wear your hair or should you wear your hair long down for work? I think if you have beautiful, straight, long hair and it looks nice and neat, I think you could wear it down. If your hair is a little bit curly or it looks a little to messy I think it should be up, because I think it looks more professional, if you have your hair up then looking all messy, coming to an office for a meeting or being the boss of your company. You represent your company, so you should look nice and neat and professional.

So there's one option that I will say to look nice and clean for work is actually to do some kind of a little French twist. So I will show you how to do that. I will start by doing a little bit of prep, meaning do a little slight teasing of the roots. The hairspray should be just at the roots, it's like giving a little foundation to the hair.

Now you will start to brush or comb so that it looks nice and smooth. Now again, you need to put small bobby pins starting at the bottom in a straight line make your way up. That will give you the support for your French twist. It's all about smoothing out out the ends and actually twisting the hair.

Putting my thumb in there and twisting it, tuck any little loose pieces in there, and then with small bobby pins you will start at the bottom and close it, and then little by little, making your way up. A little spray to smooth out the side and one, two, three. It's done. You look professional and clean and you're ready for your meeting.

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