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How to Manage Long Hair in the Heat

Learn how to manage long hair in the heat from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So in the summer it gets really hot and you know, usually if you wear your hair down, you will be even hotter. That means you will be sweating more. Your hair will get frizzy. So I would say to get maybe some smoothing gel to put in your hair, so first of all you don't get all those fuzzy pieces coming out on your head. That's one thing to do.

Now that won't help the heat around your neck or your shoulder if your hair is really long. So one thing you should do about not being so hot with your hair is either you pull it up and there are a few different things you can do with that. The first thing is actually do a super high bun, where actually your hair won't be touching any part of your face or your body.

This is going to be the highest point of your hair on your head, so nothing is going to touch you. So that's pretty easy, either you put and elastic around your hair, and then just twist it around or you put a few pins or put another elastic in there and you'll be free of sweat and anything else. Now the second thing that's also very easy is actually to do a simple braid.

So I think anybody can do a braid, if they take three pieces and do a light loose braid. That will keep you cool and you still have a feel of having your long hair. You don't have to braid all the way to the end. It looks nice and elegant, but it's not that hot in the heat. You can also actually take this and put it up, so you actually have nothing on you.

Now one thing, if you're at the beach and you don't know what to do with your hair or you feel like "Oh, my God, the sun is going to dry my hair. The saltwater is going to dry my hair." If you don't have anything and you're on the beach and you don't have any conditioner or protection, don't be afraid to use your sunscreen lotion and put it through your hair. It will protect as well as it protects your skin. It's one little trick, one little tip that can really help you on the beach to protect your hair.

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