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4 Best Long Hair Styling Tips

Learn four great long hair styling tips from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


All right. Let's talk about styling tips for long hair. First there's a few things that we need to think about. First of all is where do you part your hair? There's a few, not a few, but there's pretty much two or three different places where you can part your hair.

So on the side, when you part your hair on the side, where do you do your part on the side? You should take actually the middle of your eyes and go straight up, and that should be the perfect place to part your hair on the side. So that's right there, in the middle of your eyee, your part is here. That's the basic, best looking part on the side.

Now, you can also do a part in the middle. The thing when you do a part in the middle, what's going to happen it will make your face look longer, as a part on the side will kind of make your face less longer. That's one thing you need to remember when you do your part.

Now, when you blow dry your hair, you want to make sure you don't do a fast blow dry. What I mean by that is like you want to be patient and do piece by piece. If you do it too fast, your hair won't look good. It's like everything else. If you build a house, you want to make sure the foundation is good and strong. It's the same with the hair.

You want to start at the bottom and make your way up. So take small pieces. Make separations, nice and clean, and use a round brush. Start at the roots and make your way down slowly, all the way down, and do it again until that piece of hair is perfectly done. If it's not perfect, do not go on to the rest of the, because if that's not perfect, nothing else will be perfect.

Once you blow your hair straight, the ends might still look a little fuzzy or frizzy because you're not a professional and maybe your hair might be a little damaged. So you might want to use also just, without doing all over the same separation and that, you might just want to take the end of it and just slightly smooth out the ends, which is going to take you two seconds, and that will make the big difference.

One thing also you have to be careful is the hair texture. Everybody has different hair texture. So that might work for you, but it might not work for somebody else. So if your hair is really curly, you might want to use a flat iron to help also to wear it straight and smooth. Also don't get stuck into one look with your hair. Hair is to be creative and be artistic. So if one day you want to wear it straight, use a flat iron. If one day you want to wear it wavy, use a curling iron. Don't be afraid to do something different with your hair.

Hair is something, it's like a sculpture. So it's really an accessory to your body. It's part of you, but you have to make it look good to look good.

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