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Best Hairstyle for Long Hair with Bangs

Learn about the best hairstyle for long hair with bangs from Pierre Michel Salon's celebrity stylist Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Long hair with side bangs. Side bangs should be cut so they actually blend with the side. What I mean by that, it should start to not be too short, and it should start maybe right up above your nose, and go from shorter to longer, so that it actually blends in with the side and the layer framing layers on the side. It's got to be long enough to actually have that swept look effect. If it's too short, it will not happen.

It's also a way to actually frame your face without being bangs. The bangs should be a little bit layered. Like I said, it should go from shorter to longer, so it actually blends in with the side of it. Same thing on both sides, so you can actually wear it either way.

If you're not ready for short bangs, this is a way to actually have some kind of bangs without having it. And also, that way, being long, the bangs on the side, it gives you the opportunity to actually push it all the way off your face. If you want to want to put your hair up, you have the opportunity to actually take that and pin it back or do a different style with it. So you're not stuck with just bangs that are nice and short and blunt and where you can't do anything else with it.

It will give you a little bit more of a different opportunity to style your hair.

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