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How to Pick Hair Care Products for Long Hair

Learn how to pick the best hair care products for long hair from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So how to choose hair products for your hair. Not only your hair, but there's so many different kinds of hair, types of hair. There's curly hair, straight hair, you know thick hair, fine hair, dry hair. So it's really about your own personal hair. You need to find the right products for you. There are so many products out there that you have to try as many as you can to actually find the right one for you. For example, if you had like frizzy hair around your face, you will need to get maybe a smoothing gel that you can put here and actually it will get away from the frizz. If you're hair is fine and with no volume, you'll want to use a volumizer to actually give body to the hair and when you dry it it'll be a little fuller.

If your hair is dry, you'll want to use maybe a treatment, treatment oil that you can actually put on your hair. There are products that are not greasy at all. They're very nice and it's really healthy for your hair. If your hair is super dry, there is like deep treatment conditioner's that you can put on your hair. You can go home, take a shower, put that in your hair. You know wrap a hot towel around your hair and let it sit for half and hour, and you can repeat the process as many times as possible.

Use hair spray, make sure if you use hair spray, you don't want to use something that's too heavy or too strong. Too sticky, your hair spray you should be able to actually brush your hair and your hair spray should be gone. If you have a hair spray that you put on and your hair, you can actually put a comb through it's not good. So there are so many different products, like I say, out there that you know you've got to find your own thing for your own hair. There are so many brand names, you know maybe it's hard to find some right products. If you have a brand name that you like, start with that one, otherwise there are probably 10,000 different hair products for your hair.

So it's all about researching and trying it. The more you try it, the better you're going to find something right for you. Also don't use just one shampoo or one conditioner. Add different ones so you can actually alternate. You know one day use one shampoo. The next day use a different shampoo. Feel you hair when you put conditioner in your hair, feel it in the shower. Feel that it's too heavy, if you feel it's too much or not enough, you can always add more. Putting products on your hair like conditioner, don't start with the roots, start with the ends and make your way through. Rinse it well enough, so it's not a buildup of products in your hair.

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