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How to Tease Long Hair

Learn how to tease long hair from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So let's talk about how to tease your hair, because I've heard a lot of things about teasing. So the simplest thing about teasing your hair is to take a small section, bring your hair straight up, hold it and keep tension into your hair. Take the small side of your comb and actually come halfway through and go straight down. Now, if you want to do a little more teasing, you go back to the roots and do a little bit more. You can do as much as you want. Your hair should be standing like this if you do the right teasing.

Take a small section again, keep the tension in your hair, and go all the way down. Tension. I will use hairspray.

Once the whole head is teased up, use hairspray, but only at the roots. So you need to lift up the hair and get where the roots are. Don't start spraying everything, just the roots. This way you give a little structure to your teasing.

Now to get the style after this, because I don't think you want to go out like that, you will start putting the hand under the teasing, so you're actually not touching that part, but you're just smoothing out the top pieces of it. Do not comb it too much or brush it too much. Otherwise your teasing will be gone in a second. Only comb and brush only the thing the thing that you're actually going to see. That means the sides.

When teasing hair, you have to be very gentle. When it's all smoothed out, use your fingers to create whatever shape you want. You can always lift up the roots using your comb, and then at the end you can always tease a little bit under here to create a little bit more fullness at the bottom.

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