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How to Do Heel Raised Squats

Learn how to do heel raised squats in this Howcast video about physical therapy exercises for the knees.


Hi my name is Eric Sampson, and I want to spend a couple of minutes talking about how to do a very high level exercise called the Heel Raised Squat. It's basically taking two exercises, two great exercises for your knees and combining it into one. Now obviously, if it's your first time doing it or you're having some trouble with your knee, you might want to separate the two out for a week or so. But by and large, if you want to combine them, it's great for strengthening as well as improving your balance and your coordination. The reason why is because you're going into a squat and then immediately into a heel raise, so there is going to be a balance issue there as you are transitioning from one exercise to the other.

So first with the squat, your knees are such. Your feet are shoulder width apart. Why don't you go ahead and do a squat for me. You're going to come down, and then when you come up in one motion, go up on your toes. That's great. Come on back down again, all the way down. Good, and then coming right back up, all the way up on your toes.

Again you're working on your knee exercises here with your quads and hamstrings, but then you're also tying in your calf muscle, which is an important knee exercise or knee muscle for runners as well as your exercise population.

Just do one more time, come down. The key with your squat is to make sure your knees don't come up over your toes, and then you're coming up from there into a total heel raise. Two to three sets of ten is probably ideal. Come on back down. Two to three sets is fine, maybe for alternating days in the beginning. Maybe progressing to some hand weights, holding the poses a little bit longer, and increasing your reps is certainly other ways to progress the exercise.

This is a heel raised squat, a very high level exercise for your knee population.

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